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Packing15 kgs/Drum
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Repair of concrete_Sika Latex
Other names Waterproofing Admixture and Sika Latex Connection Agent
Product code Sika Latex


Form / Color: Liquid / White.

Packing: 5/25/200 liter container.

Shelf life: Minimum 6 months if stored properly in unopened original packaging.

Exporter / Manufacturer Sika Sika VN
Description Sika Latex is a modified Styrene Butadiene modified emulsion mixed with cement or sand-cement mortar to increase adhesion and waterproofing properties.
Utility / Application
Sika Latex is a high quality emulsion that increases the quality of cement mortar,

– layers of oil.

– thin patch mortar.

– Mortar return waterproof.

– Floor casings.

– Concrete repair mortar.

– Anti-wear lining.

– Brick mortar
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